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"Let your perfume become your medicine"

Interview with Marge Clark: A Call for Global Healing

Have you ever hit rock bottom only to look up and wonder what’s next? Sometimes it takes a shock for us to finally look around and wonder, “What do I want to do with my life?”

I love hearing stories of those who’ve found a way to not only overcome misfortune, but transcend it. Not just because they inspire me, but because I know we need more stories like this in our world today. Marge Clark is a living example of someone who is redefining disability, and she owes it partly to the power of essential oils. Listen to our first ever interview in the Inner Sanctum.

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Aromatic Honey for Allergy Season

Springtime means new growth, flowers, and … pollen. For many of us that means, lots of sneezing, a runny nose, and red eyes. Find out about our favorite spring allergy remedy of an aromatic honey made with essential oils. It is easy to make and tasty to use.

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Sylla’s Latest Lessons in Self-Care

Everyone always wants to know why we have yet to put our programs online allowing more students to study with us. We always say it is because we have way too much fun in class. (We do have a secret plan in place to bring the Atlantic Institute to you ... Have you...

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Spring Sale – 2 Hours Only!

Learn the intuitive science of healing "Let your perfume become your medicine" March 2017 In celebration of our coming out this weekend, we are offering super savings for 2 hours only! Only from 2-4pm on Sunday, you can get HALF OFF these items. Aromatic...

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Aromatic Reflection

Winter is the time of year where we are called to slow down and be still. It might not seem like that in the holiday season sprees, year-end deadlines, and new year jumpstarts, but it is important to continue to find a stillness in the whirlwind of winter. Essential oils are great tools to help bring us back to center.

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Keeping the Beginner’s Mind

At the heart of a mindfulness practice is the idea of a “beginner’s mind.” This means that no matter how long you have been practicing you are encouraged to approach your experience with the mind of a beginner, letting go of preconceived notions, of past experiences, of comparing this to last time and just be in your experience right now.

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Down to Earth with Vetiver and Angelica

As the earth begins its slow movement towards Spring, we can feel the stirrings of the earth in this time of new root growth. We are contemplating how to nurture the seeds that are sprouting in our lives. Lately, we are turning to earthy roots of Vetiver and Angelica for inspiration in our process of growth. 

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Dreaming of Monoterpenes

A student writes about her experience learning essential oil chemistry. We love how she is using both educational materials and her own intuition to make chemistry as enlightening endeavor. 

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Early this morning, I was aware that I was dreaming of hydrocarbons. Just the word, hydrocarbon, and then there was a line, and then I saw 5, 5, and then I woke up. 


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Sharing Uncommon Scents

One might think that aromatherapists share some of the same sensibilities. Most of us are in this field because we want to help other people. We believe that plants have the ability to help us heal and we are dedicating ourselves to a lifetime of learning this art and science of working with essential oils. However, many who have encountered our field for some time may also notice great disparities in how we use our tools, what we teach, and how we practice. Thankfully, there is something brewing that has the potential to bring our community together even more and expose our field to a much wider audience. 

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Lyrical Aromatherapy ~ A Poem on Rosemary

We are so pleased to host the wonderful Gabriel Mojay this October in our beautiful city of Tampa, FL. Partly because we are excited to learn how to help heal emotional imbalances using essential oils and acupressure, but also because Gabriel is just so cool

Check out his photograph and poem in honor of the invigorating spirit of Rosemary.

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