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Aromatic Thoughts
The Healing Power of Plants

The Healing Power of Plants

In what had become a dark time turned even darker, a simple act of kindness and a few plants have been our saving grace. This is the healing power that plants (and the friends that gift them!) can have in our lives.

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We’re on Hiatus and Here’s Why

We’re on Hiatus and Here’s Why

The last time you heard from us, it was about how white silence creates violence and that black lives matter in aromatherapy.

(We still stand by all of this 100% and hope that this is only the beginning of an overdue conversation.)

But, in a twist of irony, we made a big statement about how we won’t be silent and well, we’ve been silent ever since.

To put it colloquially, we posted and ghosted.

We didn’t mean to.

Shortly after posting our statement, my father, Sylla’s husband, O.V. Hanger passed away unexpectedly on June 8th, 2020. Read more about the amazing man we’ve lost but want to remember.

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Black Lives Matter in Aromatherapy

Black Lives Matter in Aromatherapy

Ever since I was a little girl, I watched my mom stand up for what she believed was right. When she started learning that essential oils were hurting people through overuse orally and improper use on the skin (in the 1990’s … and yes, this is still happening), she...

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From Our Students

Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy is so much more than just a school! It’s a family! Not only is the education up-to-date and top notch in both safety and chemistry, the fellow students are some of the best in the world. A superb education and a life-long aromatherapy family . . . I couldn’t have asked for anything more! Sylla and Nyssa radiate love for others and for life — that love spills over into the student body and grows . . . Thanks ladies!

Dedi Thorne
Michigan, USA

At AIA, they teach you the science behind the magic, then show you the magic behind the science. Their teaching style allows students to grow as a team as well as an individual. Throughout the courses I have taken at AIA, I have taken a journey of self-discovery. A journey that opens new worlds to me, not only within myself, but also within the field of Aromatherapy.

Jeanette Mack
Florida, USA

I am pleased with my experience with AIA. Prior to enrolling, my questions were promptly answered. The enrollment process was seamless and my course material arrived quickly. I am able to study the easy to follow manual at my own pace and reach out to other students and the director as I have questions. The course covers the history, chemistry, and basic fundamentals of aromatherapy; all of which has given me the knowledge to better understand the powers of essential oils.

Kristen Potts
California,, USA

I really appreciate the passion and knowledge that Sylla and Nyssa share about oil safety and oil education. The AIA content is rich with anecdotes from their own experiences with using Essential Oils. They also present research and case studies for discussion. The course manuals are filled with information. Anytime I want to know the best approach for how to use an oil, or which oils will help me with which conditions, the answer is right at my fingertips. Just pull out the Manual!

Lara Hayward
Florida, USA

The self study aspect of the AIA course, the thorough cross referenced material and resources make it perfect for learning at my own pace. With an active online student forum and live workshops available there are options for group interaction and support. This is my ideal type of advanced study.

Holly Lynn
Florida, USA

Learning from Sylla and Nyssa in the environment and learning community they have created at Atlantic Institute, has helped encourage me to fulfill my aromatic dreams. Having the opportunity to learn from some of the best minds in aromatherapy, meeting students and colleagues who have all served to enrich my life in some way, has been one of my greatest joys. To say that my experience with Atlantic Institute has been life changing would be an understatement.

Venessa Levin
Pennsylvania, USA
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