This is Part 1 of a two-part series. Here are 5 examples of direct quotes (excuse grammar) from some of the adverse effects from our new Injury Report, scheduled to come out in February 2015. These are short quotes from the reports, not the report or our words. You will be able to see the details of each entry we received when the report comes out. Most all of these were due to bad advice from misinformation. This is why we believe that education is the key to safety.

We love our essential oils and our fellow humans, and we want to help put an end to dangerous and unsafe practices. Most all of these cases were better once the oil use was discontinued.

Here is a list of the 10 Worst Adverse Effects we received this past year. We’ve included a summary and quoted text directly from the testimonials.

10. Undiluted oils applied to small sore:  “blend/frankincense” was used and next day skin turned red, bubbled up and peeled. When concerns were voiced she was told it was “detox, that there’s no way to be allergic or have a bad reaction to the oil since they are natural.”

Most qualified aromatherapists will not acknowledge the claim on “detox” to be true. Dr. Robert Pappas has busted this myth on this page. Read it here.

9. Undiluted on wrist: Two drops of clary sage and ylang ylang were used on wrists several times a day for about 10 days. Wrist started itching, broke out in red blotches which turned into blisters which spread into an area of approximately 3 cm x 4 cm. After a month with no oils and jojoba it cleared up. “Lesson learned: Always dilute your oils and never use neat oil application to the skin.”

8. Undiluted on mouth sores: “Between 25-35 drops of essential oil on canker sores in mouth on tongue after being told it was safe. This resulted in a trip to ER because of racing heart, panicking, gagging, dry heaving, extremely hot, fever, dizzy and sick and high blood pressure. “I thought I was going to die.” 

It is so heartbreaking to read these sometimes. But it is our mission to spread this information so that we don’t have any deaths due to misuse.

7. Undiluted long term leads to sensitization: Used essential oils since 1997, and by 2005 got small reactions. Finally by 2014, found help to understand sensitization and the safe use of essential oils. Now she can only use in low dilutions (if at all) and have turned to hydrosols & flower essences, but “now have A LOT of sensitivities and allergies to a wide range of fragrances and EOs.”

Though we can become sensitized to a single oil, we can also become sensitized to many single oils and blends. By overusing now, we deprive ourselves of being able to use in the future. Remember the saying, “Less IS more.”

Read more about sensitization.

6. Oral use: Due to ingesting a “lot of” oils – multiple drops multiple times a day – of lemon and grapefruit in water, this person now has been diagnosed with stomach problems, chronic digestive upset, and is looking at possible gallbladder removal. 

How sad it is to read these stories of people who are looking for alternative health care, possibly to save money or avoid surgery, who then cause even worse problems for themselves or their families.

Knowledge is power, never forget that it is in your hands. 

Part 2 here.

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