Lyrical Aromatherapy ~ A Poem on Rosemary

Lyrical Aromatherapy ~ A Poem on Rosemary

We are so pleased to host the wonderful Gabriel Mojay this October in our beautiful city of Tampa, FL. Partly because we are excited to learn how to help heal emotional imbalances using essential oils and acupressure, but also because Gabriel is just so cool.

Let me demonstrate. This incredible teacher is also a bit of a renaissance man. Not only is he incredibly knowledgeable about the intersections of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the practice of aromatherapy, he also is a brilliant photographer and poet!

Here is a beautiful poem about the Rosemary plant along with a close-up picture of a rosemary flower.

Doesn’t make you want to just curl up with a cup of tea and pause to take a closer look at our magnificent world? We are so thrilled to to bring you teachers that bring us closer to what’s really important.

Early-bird special ends this Saturday! Learn more about this exciting class here.

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