Interview with Dr. Robert Pappas

Interview with Dr. Robert Pappas

Our first audio interview is up! Listen as Dr. Robert Pappas answers our questions about essential oils chemistry and shares about his professional life as an analyst and educator, including his new favorite essential oil. You will have to listen to find out!

Dr. Pappas has been educating on essential oil chemistry on the University level for over 15 years, and is the founder and director of Essential Oil University. He and our director, Sylla, met in 1996 in the Indiana peppermint fields at the Lucac still while Sylla was at the class at Purdue. She wrote about their long term professional friendship on her blog, Vintage Aromatherapist.

At the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, we consider Dr. Pappas to be the long-time champion of myth busting and truth seeking in our industry. He has always been outspoken about setting the best standards in education on essential oils and their quality and purity. We believe that his work (for free we may add!) has made our entire field more ethical and we are honored to have him as our colleague and friend.

Last December, we started to collect questions of what you wanted to know about essential oil chemistry from the expert on the subject, Dr. Robert Pappas. We got lots of great questions! We had to narrow them down to 4, but Dr. Pappas had such a great time with us, there’s a good possibility for a follow up. We are excited about that!

isten to the interview below. Nyssa Hanger, Assistant Director, is asking the questions, while Sylla chimes in of course.

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