Aromatic Reflection

Aromatic Reflection

Winter is the time of year where we’re called to slow down and be still. It might not seem that way with holiday season sprees, year-end deadlines, and new year jump-starts. But it’s very important to continue to find stillness in the whirlwind of winter.

Luckily, our oils are wonderful companions that constantly beckon us to take a moment for ourselves. One of the simplest ways to use essential oils safely is through inhalation. The act of stopping, sitting, smelling, and reflecting can provide just the kind of “time-out” that you need to restore your energy, reset your outlook, and continue.

You’re sitting here reading this blog, so go ahead, grab an oil from the shelf, and try this:

  • Let Go. Relinquish yourself from whatever task is currently at hand, but don’t worry, you’ll get back to it. Just give yourself permission to pause, disengage, and return to your center.
  • Get Comfortable. Sit back in your chair or find a more comfortable seat or position. Maybe lay down on the floor (set an alarm for a few minutes if you’re afraid you’ll fall asleep).
  • Take a Deep Breath. Place a drop of essential oil on a cotton ball, tissue, handkerchief, or inhale from the bottle. Be sure to wave it back and forth while inhaling, alternating nostrils. Perhaps take a few deep breaths this way.
  • Observe. Just watch what happens in your internal world. Can you invite in more relaxation? Are there memories emerging? What emotions do you feel? What does your heart say?

You can write your experience down in a journal or just let it sink in. Continue until you’re ready to return to your to-do list, but do so with a lighter heart and greater awareness.

Keeping a Beginner’s Mind

Keeping a Beginner’s Mind

At the heart of a mindfulness practice is the idea of the “beginner’s mind.” This means that no matter how long you’ve been practicing, you are encouraged to approach your experience with the mind of a beginner. Essentially, you’re encouraged to let go of preconceived notions, past experiences, and how this compares to last time. Instead, you’re urged to try being in your experience right now.

I like to apply this to my practice of working with essential oils. Sure, I’ve used Lavender a million times. But what if I take a moment right here to sit with it as if it were my first time? What does she want to say to me today? It’s amazing how much I learn from going back to simple practices. Sometimes it provides more than what I read in a book or learn in classes. One of my favorite things to teach to students is knowing how to trust one’s inner wisdom.

You have to keep learning until you get past the point of feeling like you already know it all. Then you can come back to being open to the wisdom right in front of you.

Aromatherapy Beginner’s Training Program

As we expanded our advanced training in the Aromatherapy Practitioner Training Program, I started feeling like some of our students would benefit from a course that was more geared towards beginners. I wanted to provide a strong foundation for practicing at home and making products with essential oils.

For the past year, we’ve been working on a brand new course that will be offered starting in March and running through August of 2017.

The Aromatherapy Beginner’s Training Program is an in-depth introduction to the art and science of aromatherapy. The course consists of 4 weekend workshops (totaling 50 hours of live training) and another 50 hours of independent study projects, totaling 100 hours of guided training. The focus of this curriculum is not only on how we use essential oils, but also on how we support our bodies’ natural healing mechanisms.

Learn more about this program here.

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