Interview with Marge Clark: A Call for Global Healing

Interview with Marge Clark: A Call for Global Healing

Have you ever hit rock bottom only to look up and wonder what’s next?

Sometimes it takes a shock for us to finally look around and wonder, “What do I want to do with my life?”

I love hearing stories of those who’ve found a way to not only overcome misfortune, but transcend it. Not just because they inspire me, but because I know we need more stories like this in our world today.

Marge Clark is a living example of someone who is redefining disability, and she owes it partly to the power of essential oils. When a memory problem caused her to lose her job, she turned to essential oils and began the journey she is still on to this day.

Through sheer determination, she began Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy right from her kitchen table—before the internet was flooded with how-to videos. In fact, this was when the internet barely WAS. Today, Nature’s Gift is one of the top aromatherapy companies, supplying some of the highest-quality essential oils out there.

Elder Aromatherapists

Between the decades she’s spent learning, importing, bottling, and retailing, she is a treasure trove of knowledge—and let me tell you, she knows her oils.

Marge has been a mentor for me and for so many others. For me, this is incredibly special because she honors my mom in her line of mentors. Being around the both of them feels like I’m about to receive secret, sacred knowledge from my elders.

(For the record, they are both totally cool with the term “elder,” though my mom prefers “vintage.”)

Marge visited us a few weeks ago, and we sat down with her to record the first interview for our new Inner Sanctum Membership.

The Inner Sanctum

The Inner Sanctum is a place where beginners and beyond can be inspired by the wisdom of aromatherapists like Marge and Sylla, while getting support on the practical use of essential oils in their daily lives. We want to build an online community to further support our students and friends, and we also want to make available the wealth of knowledge that experienced aromatherapists have to share.

So here is a Sneak Preview of the first in our Inner Sanctum Series called, “Nyssa Asks.” As a part of the membership, each month we will add a new interview with an inspiring aromatherapist, in addition to our other monthly content.

Listen in as Nyssa interviews Marge on how she got started and how she has stayed true to her mission.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What early aromatherapists did without Facebook Groups
  • How to overcome challenges faced by essential oil retailers
  • Which oils Marge would never want to live without
  • Why the science behind aromatherapy is important
  • How aromatherapy can help heal the soul


Now that we shared with you, please share with us! What touched you most about this interview? How can we, as aromatherapists, create the global healing that Marge talks about? Furthermore, what will you do to help make healing happen for you?

Leave us a comment below and let’s keep this conversation going.

Thank You

If you like what you see, claim your pre-order subscription here. You’ll save over $60, be the first to enter Inner Sanctum, and have access to it for a full year. Plus you’ll become an official part of the Atlantic Institute Family!

And if you are looking for more information on the Cathy Skipper and Florian Birkmyers class that we talk about in the video, here is an online offering of what we experienced. Though live experiences are powerful, learning online can be just as so (as we are learning!). They are both gifted teachers who help the plants and our hearts come alive and have much to share with you.

Thank you for letting me share Marge’s wisdom with you. I completely agree with her that our world needs soul healing and that the healing begins with us. She has deeply inspired me to be a better aromatherapist (and person). It’s amazing how this work creates a foundation that’s ripe for personal transformation. You know, I guess that kind of healing is what it’s all about.

Aromatically Yours,



Aromatic Honey for Allergy Season

Aromatic Honey for Allergy Season

Though we are all excited about the stirrings of spring, with this change of season comes … the pollen.

aromatic honey for allergy season

For Sylla, that means lots of sneezing, a runny nose, and red eyes. After a day of thinking she might be coming down with a cold, the increasing green and warmth reminds her that it’s probably just allergies. Sound familiar?

That’s why she made some aromatic honey for allergy season a few weeks ago.

Not only do the oils help us control our symptoms from the increasing pollen of the spring season, but local, seasonal honey is a great way to treat this issue as well.

Watch our video to find out:

  • Why local, raw, honey helps allergies
  • How to make your own aromatic honey
  • Plus 3 more ways essential oils can put allergy symptoms at bay

Aromatic Honey Blend

8-10 drops Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia) -or- replace with another Melaleuca species like Tea Tree

2 drops Blue Tansy (Tanacetum annuum)

1 drop Peppermint (Mentha × piperita)

The therapeutic effects of these oils result in a honey that is anti-infectious, a decongestant, and anti-inflammatory. It’s perfect for easing inflamed sinuses and sore throats, and it allows for much better breathing.

We recommend making a big batch so you can use it in an inhaler and oil blend as well!

After watching, comment below and tell us:

  • How do you prefer to take your honey? On a toothpick, in your tea? What other creative ways can we use it?
  • What other oils might be good in some honey and why? (Think of other therapeutic actions you’d like to utilize internally … We use this thinking process to help our students become more confident and creative aromatherapists.)

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