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Welcome to the Atlantic Aromatic Library!

Here you'll find everything we created for the Atlantic Aromatic Library in one place. 

You can create your own aromatherapy adventure by exploring the Deep Dives, Aromatic Meditations, the Healing with Aromatherapy Course, basic lessons with Aromatherapy 101, all the Recipes, Interviews, and more.

Keep in mind that everything included here was created over several years. In that time, things changed and evolved.

As we went along, we found ways to improve what we were creating and that’s why some of the Deep Dives, Explorations, Meditations, and Recipes appear different.

Every post includes the ability to comment, so feel free to ask questions, share wins, and respond to the prompts.

We love hearing all about your aromatic journey, and you never know when you may share something that helps someone else. 

As far as we're concerned, that's what it's all about. 

Essential Oil Deep Dives

Here are the Explorations and Deep Dives on 27 different essential oils.

Find the essential oil you want to explore and learn all about it with Sylla and Nyssa.

Aromatic Meditations

Find all the Aromatic Meditations in one place.

Pick an oil, listen to the meditation, and use the questions as journal prompts. 

Perfect for beginners.

Healing with Aromatherapy Course

Learn the art of self-healing with these Healing Guides.

You can turn to these anytime, or follow along with the individual course lessons.

Aromatherapy 101

If you’re a beginner, this is where you want to start.

Find the answers to many of the common questions we get from those just starting out.


Here you’ll find all our recipes PLUS 9 different Blending Guides.

There's over 100 different ideas for things to try with your aromatics.


Want to learn about being a professional aromatherapist?

Listen to our conversations with friends, colleagues, and even students here.

Yarden Walks

Get outside with Sylla in these Yarden Walks.

You'll learn about what's growing in her yarden and how you can have one too.

Bonus Content

Here's a collection of published papers, conference presentations, bonus interviews, and online resources for learning more about aromatherapy.

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