Learn how to heal yourself and others with essential oils.

Learning is a journey that we take for life.

These days, everyone is teaching classes on essential oils.

When we first started back in 1989, most people misheard the word “aromatherapy.” They’d ask, “What is Roman Therapy?” 

Now, you can’t go to Walgreens or Walmart without seeing essential oils.

But are these real essential oils?

More importantly, are people receiving real education?


With the rise in the popularity of aromatherapy, some things have been lost.

  • We’re losing touch with the aromatherapists that came before us.
  • We’re disconnected from the healing that happens when we take time out for ourselves.
  • We’re forgetting the real magic in simply inhaling an oil and deeply connecting with what it has to teach us.

The truth is that no matter how long you’ve been studying aromatherapy (or even if you’re just starting), there’s an unending ocean of information (and healing) to be explored.

We’re here to guide you on your way.


Learn aromatherapy from the experts without the homework, projects, and deadlines bogging you down.

Do you ever:

  • Feel overwhelmed by the information out there and just aren’t sure who you can trust?
  • Want to begin (or continue) your studies, but aren’t sure if a full program is right for you?
  • Desire a supportive community that contributes to a balanced view of aromatics, their application, and their safety?
  • Wish to learn about essential oil therapeutics and enrich your inner life?
  • Rely on recipes to know what oils to use together?
  • Fantasize about spending time with the experienced aromatherapists you admire?

We’ve seen students struggle with knowing what to do and where to go. After many years of only teaching in-person classes, we’ve created an online membership that’s the next best thing to bringing you to our kitchen table.


You’ve been asking for a mentor.

Now you’ve got both of us and all of our friends.

Let me introduce you to the Atlantic Aromatic Library Membership.

We created the Atlantic Aromatic Library so we could all connect, no matter where we’re at in the study of aromatherapy.

This journey is about soaking up the knowledge of the mentors around us, while building the foundation to trust and nurture our own sense of inner wisdom.

The Atlantic Aromatic Library is like nothing I have experienced before. It’s a bit of this and a bit of that BUT these bits add up to a truly unique, fun, and enriching experience time and time again. Your knowledge deepens with each piece. You get to see Sylla and Nyssa in their own habitat. Such a joy! I can’t wait to see what each new instalment brings!

Gloria Gregg

Owner, Gigi's House

Have you ever wished you could have a walking encyclopedia of essential oils…? Here Sylla is, right here in the flesh. Having raised Nyssa with oils, oils are just ingrained in who she is! Pearls of wisdom in bite sized nuggets. A complement to any tool box whether experienced or brand new. I could sit and listen to her talk for hours!

Sarah Collie

Registered Nurse

The Atlantic Aromatic Library at a Glance

Each Month, You’ll Get:

Atlantic Aromatic Library Essential Oils

Essential Oil Deep Dives:

Learn a new essential oil each month. Go deep with Sylla and Nyssa as they explore this essential oil, its uses, and its precautions. Use our downloadable profiles for each featured oil as a reference for your practice at home.

Healing Guides:

Each month, you’ll learn how to heal different parts of your body with essential oils. You’ll be guided on incorporating this knowledge into your daily life, witnessing firsthand how aromatherapy education can contribute to your overall health.

Atlantic Aromatic Library Document-01

Our Favorite Recipes: 

You’ll get four new recipes each month, inspired by each month’s Deep Dive and Healing Guide. You’ll learn about the oils used, how and why to make alterations, and you’ll even get a printable worksheet to use for your notes.

There’s plenty to experience—even for those who have “learned it all!”

It doesn’t end there.

All of our content is archived, so you’ll have access to all of our lessons, videos, and interviews from previous months. With the purchase of your first month, you can enjoy over six months’ worth of material!

Whether you are new to essential oils and want to see what the big deal is about or someone who is knowledgeable and are on the fence, I can tell you that even I pick something up from each little lesson. The passion that is shown in the videos and interviews alone is inspiring while the meditations so far offer you the time you need to really breathe and just be with yourself for a few moments. The amount of content that you can access here as a member is pretty incredible, too and from what I understand the content will just continue to grow!

Lola King

Owner, Be Kind Botanicals

OH MY GOSH!! This should have been done years ago, this information is given in such a way that anyone can grasp what is being said about these oils. So many things are being taught at a pace that everyone can follow. The amount of wisdom that is given to us is AMAZING. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to know more about essential oils but does not necessarily want to go to school. Thank you so much Sylla, Nyssa and all involved in putting this wonderful information together and for sharing your love of oils.

Robbin Mattingly

Admin, SUEGEO Facebook Group

There’s more!

Sign up today and you’ll also receive access to these bonuses:

Atlantic Aromatic Library Videos-01

Video Instruction:

You’ll feel like you’re right there with Sylla and Nyssa as they share video lessons each month. It’s the next best thing to taking a live class … Except this way, you can stay at home in your pj’s.

Atlantic Aromatic Library Interviews

Answers to Your Questions:

Got a question on a Deep Dive or how to implement a Healing Guide? Not sure if you should substitute something in a recipe? Share your question in the comments section, and we’ll be sure to answer it as soon as we can.

Atlantic Aromatic Library Document-01

Printable Worksheets:

Call us old school, but we love keeping notes on paper. Each Deep Dive, Recipe, and Healing Guide comes with a printable worksheet to accompany your learning online … or offline.

Atlantic Aromatic Library Discounts-01

Member Discounts:

As a member, you’ll get access to special discounts on all of our offerings (as well as some from our friends in the industry). So if you decide to become a serious student one day, it’ll be even easier.

Get all of our monthly content, archived content, and bonus content for only $15.99/month—or $149.99 for the year.

You’ll get immediate access to everything upon registering.


We’ll see you in the Atlantic Aromatic Library!

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