Reignite Your Passion with Cardamom

Reignite Your Passion with Cardamom

I’m going crazy …

about Cardamom.

Okay, I couldn’t help the alliteration, but I also do feel that way.

Ever since I started working with it to prepare for this month’s Deep Dive in the Inner Sanctum Membership, I haven’t been able to stop making blends with it. 

It all started when I put Cardamom and Orange in my diffuser a few weeks ago. After a few minutes I started saying, “Now that’s a recipe for a good day.” ☀️

Then my mom created a massage blend recipe for the Inner Sanctum featuring Cardamom and Rose. All I want is that as a perfume blend. (It works great either way!) 💐 

Lastly, I was inspired to blend Cardamom with Patchouli, and oh my … this one is helping bring me into deep meditation. 🧘

I love how sometimes the simplest blends are the best!

Some of these I used in the diffuser, some topically (diluted 15 drops / 1 ounce), and some I inhaled from a scent strip.

In general, I find Cardamom to be a mild stimulant. It’s warming, grounding, and spicy enough to give you the oomph you need to finish something you’ve started.

I’m also now in the habit of chewing the seeds after meals because I can feel them helping to settle my stomach. Plus, they’re a natural breath freshener! 

But my favorite thing about this plant is:

Cardamom is the perfect oil to reignite your passions and stimulate your appetite for life. 

We all need that from time to time. 

So I want to know, do you use Cardamom? How do you like to use it? What do you blend it with?

Leave a comment because I’m always inspired by what you’re finding on your journey. 💖

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Sylla on Essential Oil Safety

Sylla on Essential Oil Safety

Did you hear Sylla on the Big Mouth Pharmacist Podcast last week? (If not, check it out below.) 👇


I’ll admit that when I first read about the host I thought, “Oh, this is perfect for Mom.” The host is known for busting myths and not mincing his words when it comes to the truth about natural healing therapies.


Many of you have told us that this is also one of the reasons why you love Sylla so much.


I’ll never forget the day that we showed up to the 2015 Alliance of International Aromatherapists Conference. Upon meeting Kristina Bauer of The Untamed Alchemist, she immediately got on her knees, bowed, and said, “I just love your ‘do no harm and take no shit’ kind of attitude.” 😳


For decades, my mom has been extremely outspoken about essential oil safety, the harm that is done by the misuse of essential oils—often by well-meaning but misinformed people—and is generally just unable to stand by and watch this happen when it can all be prevented through simple education.


So, if you’re new to essential oils, are unsure about the simple safety practices that can do TONS to prevent harm from essential oils, or are curious to hear what’s got Sylla all fired up, check out the podcast. We’d love to know what you think.

Now that you’ve heard what Sylla has to say, what questions are you left with on how to use essential oils safely?


Leave us a comment below, and let us know what other info you need to learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively. We will answer you here. Plus, these questions will give us ideas on how we can better serve your educational needs.



It’s our dream to create a world where you have access to aromatherapy education that can keep you both safe AND healthy … and your family, too. Let’s create that world together.
Trevor Stokes on Aromatherapy and Behavioral Disorders

Trevor Stokes on Aromatherapy and Behavioral Disorders

Essential oils can be great allies when working with children who have ADD, ADHD, and other disorders. However, this isn’t always as straightforward as many Pinterest boards will lead you to believe. Sylla learned this firsthand when she helped design and carry out a study on the subject.

In 1997, Sylla teamed up with Trevor Stokes,  Ph.D., a psychologist who was also a massage client of hers. At the time, Trevor was a professor at the University of Florida. He also worked with children who had behavioral and emotional disorders. Together, the two of them produced a study that examined aromatherapy’s effects on children with behavioral and emotional disorders.

A few years ago, we interviewed Trevor Stokes about this study and working with Sylla.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How Sylla and Trevor began to work on this project (and the outcomes!).
  • How they used essential oils to help kids do their homework and stay in bed throughout the night.
  • Why there isn’t always one right oil.

Just so you know, this video was shot a few years ago, but the information is still valuable! You can also read their research paper in full below.

DOWNLOAD the paper Trevor and Sylla co-wrote called Psychosensory Aromatherapy Research Project.


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