Why Dilute Essential Oils

If you’ve been using essential oils for a while, you’ve probably come across information about dilution. Here’s why we believe it is so important (and how you can begin doing it at home)!

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3 Go-To Essential Oils for Work

Tricks to help us stay on track and return back to what matters are essential. I’ve found that besides the ever-present opportunity to just sit back and take a deep breath, essential oils also help bring me back to a focused state.

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Learn About Patchouli

It’s the oil that you either love or hate, the one that’s associated with the ‘60s, and as Sylla says, the oil that’s “an old hippie scent.” One of the first of Sylla’s discoveries, it is her known favorite. Join Sylla on this earthy, woody adventure as she explores Patchouli.

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