How to Be An Aromatherapy Educator

How to Be An Aromatherapy Educator

I’ve been an aromatherapy educator since the early 1970s, and I’ve seen the field undergo many changes. With the introduction of the internet and multi-level-marketing companies, I’ve witnessed both good and bad information circulate rapidly to new generations of users.

There’s so much possibility for misunderstanding when it comes to the power of natural essential oils—which makes quality aromatherapy education more important than ever.

If you’re interested in teaching aromatherapy, here are some tips from a vintage educator. Take them as you will!

1. Know your subject. Study with as many teachers as you can and absorb different styles, viewpoints, and experiences. But always examine information with a critical eye—consider the sources and never hesitate to do your own research. As an aromatherapy educator, I work to provide useful, factual and cited information, but I never mind if a student has questions or does research outside of what I teach. In fact, you can strengthen your aromatherapy education by knowing which questions to ask during a live class.

2. Apprentice with established institutes. Instead of trying to start from scratch yourself, look for apprenticeships and positions where you can add onto educational programs that established teachers have already created. For instance, Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy sometimes calls on its own students to teach in their areas to increase our educational reach. As these student-teachers improve, they feel comfortable teaching larger classes and mentoring homes-study students. Beginning as an apprentice or teaching assistant and working your way up can be a great way to establish yourself as an aromatherapy educator.

3. Get comfortable with teaching. Students can often teach you just as much as other educators. Knowing the subject is one thing, but thinking on your feet when students ask unexpected questions is another. Being comfortable in front of a group of people is also a skill that needs honing, and teaching can help you discover your own unique educational style.

4. Know how to relax. Being an educator, especially in an unregulated and relatively new field, can be as stressful as it is rewarding. I rely on morning walks, meditation, gardening or being in nature to relax, center and energize me. I keep my office and therapy rooms scented with my standby Rosemary and Geranium. I’ve used this aromatherapy blend for 30 years, and it feels like home to me. Know how to establish a relaxing space and find activities that will help relieve the pressure. Trust me—you’ll need these skills!

5: And remember: teaching is learning. Have a wonderful journey, and enjoy it!

Aromatherapy and the Mind This May

Aromatherapy and the Mind This May

May is Mental Health Month and we thought what better way to celebrate with new ways to to learn about aromatherapy and the mind.

In 2006, Sylla published the Aromatic Mind Book, for mental health practitioners to supplement their practice or for anyone wishing to use aromatics for mental health pursuits.

Part of the inspiration for this book was Sylla’s work on the PARP (Psychosensory Aromatherapy Research Project) study with her long-time colleague, Dr. Trevor Stokes. Trevor visited recently and we decided to start-off our “tea-time interview series” with Trevor.

In this video, Trevor talks about how this project emerged, the methods they used, and how the principles of relaxation apply to both patients and therapists.

We’re learning now how to create and edit videos so it will be another few weeks before it is up but stay tuned!

Last, we are adding a new one-day class for students wishing to learn more about aromatherapy and the mind at the end of this month.

On May 31, 2014, join us for the first offering of Aromatherapy 102 :: Aromatherapy and the Mind. As with all of our day-long classes, lunch and materials are included (PLUS, receive a copy of the Aromatic Mind Book!) See our calendar for details.

Energetics of Essential Oils Workshop this Fall

Energetics of Essential Oils Workshop this Fall

Are you ready to explore the energetic uses of essential oils to boost your practice?

Check our new workshop with Peter Holmes, scheduled for September in Sarasota, FL.

Here’s what some are saying:

Peter’s deep knowledge and enthusiasm for essential oils made what could have been on ordinary seminar into an amazingly enriching experience. I was able to use the oils and the information the very next day in my treatment rooms. Peter is on the forefront of a whole new world in the energetic treatment of the body and psyche.            

-Lisa Walker L.Ac.

We are excited to offer this cutting-edge workshop and help you explore deeper knowledge in the art and science of aromatherapy.

Space is limited. Register soon!


You’re Invited to Our Web Party!

You’re Invited to Our Web Party!

This weekend we will be celebrating the season of Spring and upcoming growth for the Atlantic Institute. We’ve got a new home online and we hope you will come by for a visit.

From Friday, March 21 to Monday, March 24rd we will be offering free shipping on all US orders next 3 days, limited time specials on our Facebook and Twitter pages and a chance to win a “door prize” for sharing your thoughts with us. Just fill out our form with your name, email, questions about aromatherapy and comments on our new site.

Here is your chance to let the Atlantic Institute know what you’d like to learn about aromatherapy and how we can make our website better. You will also enter to win a free book or class!

Prizes totaling $500!

You only have until Monday, March 24rd at midnight to submit your entry to win one of these prizes. Do it now before you forget. : )

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