Visiting with Colleen Dodt

Visiting with Colleen Dodt

The beautiful and radiant Colleen Dodt and Sylla Hanger at the Florida Herbal Conference. All the classrooms had botanical names and although we were in Spanish Needle, we could not pass up a photo with this sign! The beautiful and radiant Colleen Dodt and Sylla Hanger at the Florida Herbal Conference. All the classrooms had botanical names and although we were in Spanish Needle, we could not pass up a photo with this sign!

Every February in Florida we have the Florida Herbal Conference hosted by the Florida School of Holistic Living and this year Sylla was an invited speaker for two classes on aromatherapy!

We decided this herb conference wouldn’t be the same without our good friend, herbalist and essential oil advocate, Colleen Dodt, so we invited her to come along. She went with us to the conference and helped in our classes.

photocredit: Florida Herbal Conference photocredit: Florida Herbal Conference

We had many good laughs along the beautiful trails of the conference camp, making all sorts of new friends along the way.

The magic swing! We couldn't help getting a picture on this after the teachers dinner! The magic swing! We couldn’t help getting a picture on this after the teachers dinner!

Once home we had time to reflect on the conference and the state of the industry, our lives, our history, magic! and so much more.

Sitting with Colleen on the back porch, we start with some questions our students asked.

We love hearing the stories of the early days, of people who have passed, like Scott Cunningham, and how Colleen uses floral waxes and more. So we decided to ask a few more questions on Colleen’s life with oils and herbs.

Read more about Colleen’s story on Vintage Aromatherapist.

Next, Colleen shares about how she uses essential oils today including details on how she makes her special Love oil blend.

Last, Colleen tells us what oil she would be if she were an oil and some concluding thoughts on making the most out of your aromatherapy practice.

Grandmother Rosemary will await your return next year Colleen! Thank you for coming to visit!

Interview with Dr. Robert Pappas

Interview with Dr. Robert Pappas

Our first audio interview is up! Listen as Dr. Robert Pappas answers our questions about essential oils chemistry and shares about his professional life as an analyst and educator, including his new favorite essential oil. You will have to listen to find out!

Dr. Pappas has been educating on essential oil chemistry on the University level for over 15 years, and is the founder and director of Essential Oil University. He and our director, Sylla, met in 1996 in the Indiana peppermint fields at the Lucac still while Sylla was at the class at Purdue. She wrote about their long term professional friendship on her blog, Vintage Aromatherapist.

At the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, we consider Dr. Pappas to be the long-time champion of myth busting and truth seeking in our industry. He has always been outspoken about setting the best standards in education on essential oils and their quality and purity. We believe that his work (for free we may add!) has made our entire field more ethical and we are honored to have him as our colleague and friend.

Last December, we started to collect questions of what you wanted to know about essential oil chemistry from the expert on the subject, Dr. Robert Pappas. We got lots of great questions! We had to narrow them down to 4, but Dr. Pappas had such a great time with us, there’s a good possibility for a follow up. We are excited about that!

isten to the interview below. Nyssa Hanger, Assistant Director, is asking the questions, while Sylla chimes in of course.

We Are Setting Roots in South Carolina!

We Are Setting Roots in South Carolina!

The Atlantic Institute is growing!

We are happy to announce that we have a new instructor on board. The wonderful and talented Shellie Enteen will now be teaching our classes in the Tri-state area. Shellie lives in South Carolina but hopes to serve those seeking live classes in both Carolinas and Georgia as well. Massage therapists may recognize her name from her regular column, The Aromatic Message, in Massage Today. Since 2001, Shellie has contributed over 40 wonderful articles to this publication on all aspects of aromatherapy.

Shellie also hosts a weekly radio show on the Esoterically Speaking
Network on Blogtalk Radio
and features essential oils as a way to cope
with the current energies. She recently interviewed Sylla on her show, and they discussed what is going on in the field of aromatherapy. Check it out here. 

We thought we would put Shellie in the interview seat and ask her a few questions, so you can get to know her a little better.

Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy: How did you get started using essential oils?

Shellie Enteen: In the mid 1980’s, I received an Aromatherapy Full Body Treatment from a friend who’d studied in England and felt the incredible power of Lavender. Then I was introduced to Pat and Gerri at Nature’s Symphony and started incorporating them in my massage oils.

AIA: What were some of your first favorite ways to use aromatherapy in your daily life?

SE: Back then, I used them mainly for therapeutic results, for myself and for clients.

AIA: What is one of your favorite ways to use essential oils now?

SE: It’s hard to pinpoint one specific way, as these oils are in many aspects of my life now, including cleaning. I am a big advocate of perfumes, room diffusion and recognizing the subtle aspects for all kinds of therapy.

AIA: Describe a favorite memory from your experience of teaching aromatherapy students.

SE: I have so many wonderful memories from teaching, but one that stands out is from when I was in Dallas, TX, giving an Introduction to Aromatherapy class for LMTs and talking about chamomile (Anthemis nobilis). I mentioned in the ‘subtle’ information [part of the class] that it helped relieve anger and that I personally felt that made it a good choice for clients with TMJ clenching. Unbeknownst to me, a student was trying out my theory with the bottle I’d passed around. She started waving her hand, and when I called on her, she revealed that she had been struggling with severe TMJ and the moment she applied a drop of chamomile to her joint area, the muscles immediately let go. It was quite an impressive demonstration for everyone.

AIA: What do you think is most important for new students to know?

SE: Apart from the basics of essential oils properties, methods and safety issues, I think having a full understanding of the Aromatherapy industry [and] how essences are sourced and created is important for students to be able to make wise choices.

Find out more about Shellie on her website,

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