Enhance Your Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Enhance Your Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

Just a few days ago, the Carolina Jasmine flowers appeared in my yarden and it is always the first to remind me that Spring is coming.

Enhance Your Spring Cleaning with Essential Oils

(And just for the record, “yarden” is not a typo. Since my yard is really mostly a garden, that’s what I like to call it.)

Not only is that a reminder to get on my Springtime honey medicine, but it is also a signal that it is time to let go of the old stuff left over from winter. I mean metaphorical “old stuff,” like emotions that no longer serve us, but also literal stuff too. I’ve cleaned out so much that I’ve been turning to essential oils to deal with all the dust! Adding essential oils to my spring cleaning helps to deepen my connection to the earth and my personal growth.

For me, this has included clearing out and decluttering my office to make room for new projects coming up. Nyssa and I recently sat down in the newly cleaned office to share more about what inspires us this time of year.

Learn how to enhance your spring cleaning with essential oils.

In our video, you can find out:

  • The symbolic meaning of this time of year, called Imbolc
  • My current sinus and allergy blend (and how I use it to make aromatic honey!)
  • Our favorite aromatics to stay grounded while preparing to grow


It’s time to bloom from the ground up…we’re celebrating Imbolc at the Atlantic Institute LIVE from the Inner Sanctum. #imbolc #innersanctum #carolinajasmine #timetobloom #syllinyss

Posted by Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy on Friday, February 2, 2018


We did this spur of the moment on Facebook live and had the best time! Thank you to all those who tuned in. Be sure to follow us so you can catch us the next time we decide to hit Go Live.

After watching our video, tell us:

  • What seeds did you plant last year that are just starting to stir?
  • What can you clean up or clean out to get ready for new growth?
  • What essential oils are you using to enhance your spring cleaning?

Leave us a comment here or join the conversation on our Facebook page and see what our other viewers had to share.

Of course, anytime is a great time to take a look at your life, learn from where you’ve been, and gather the right tools to move forward. Thank you for letting us be a part of your next transformation!

Aromatically Yours,


Calendula from the Yard-en

Calendula from the Yard-en

Blooming on Schedule

I have never grown calendula before, but I got some seeds at our local market from someone else with a yard-en (garden that covers the entire yard) and planted the seeds last fall. Finally I have plants!

So I am trying my hands at infusing an oil…I’ve never done this before (grew it or infused the oil). I will let you know how it goes; if you have any advice, leave a comment!

My colleague, Jade Shutes, has a great Calendula PDF on her school’s website. It says that that the name Calendula comes from the plant’s affinity to bloom on schedule. How funny, we thought, because we’ve been working to bloom on a schedule!

We officially launched our new website today for the Spring Equinox. You can also enter to win a free book or class here.

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