Essential Oil Explorations


Join us as we demystify essential oils in our monthly Essential Oil Exploration Series as part of the Atlantic Aromatic Library Membership. 

Learning with the mind is one thing, but you can also experience these oils through your heart with our Essential Oil Meditations and through your hands via our Favorite Recipes.

We will be using both Sylla Hanger’s The Aromatic Practitioner Reference Manual and the second edition of Tony Burfield’s Natural Aromatic Materials: Odours & Origins to examine each oil. Together with these two books and Sylla’s collected wisdom, we hope to give you great insight into aromaticsone oil at a time!

How to get the most out of your explorations:

  • Have the essential oil Sylla is talking about nearby. If it’s not labeled on the bottle, check with your supplier about where the oil is from, how it was extracted, and what plant part is used.
  • Cross-reference what she shares alongside what you know about the oil.
  • Leave any questions you have in the comments section on the page of that exploration.




3 Go-To Essential Oils for Work

3 Go-To Essential Oils for Work

Tricks to help us stay on track and return back to what matters are essential. I’ve found that besides the ever-present opportunity to just sit back and take a deep breath, essential oils also help bring me back to a focused state.

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