Essential Oil Meditations

Connect deeply with individual essential oils, and use aromatics to deepen your connection with yourself. These meditations will be released every second Monday of the month, featuring a new oil each time.

For more of a left-brained approach on the chemistry, therapeutics, and safety of these essential oils, be sure to watch the Essential Oil Explorations. Then experience these oils with our Favorite Recipes.

These meditations are created to help engage your creativity and intuition, a necessary complement to exploring the oils through books and outside education.

How to get the most out of your explorations:

  • Have the essential oil Nyssa is talking about available for smelling. There are a few ways to do this:
    • Place a drop on a tissue, cotton ball, cotton pad, or scent strip.
    • Dilute a few drops into ½ oz. of the carrier of your choice, and use a little on your hands, chest, etc.
    • Place up to 20 drops in 1 oz. of water in a spray bottle; shake and spray to scent the room (or into your hands for inhalation).
  • Read the meditations and/or watch the accompanying video.
  • Find a quiet place (if available), turn off your phone, and give yourself the space for quiet peace with your oil and your breath.
  • Have a journal nearby to write down some thoughts that arise. Or reflect on your experience with the oil and/or your mind. Use the questions in the meditation as prompts.




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