Our Favorite Recipes

We might as well admit it.

We actually don’t work with recipes most of the time. Instead, we put a few things together that make sense for what we want and what we have on hand. We’ve come to prefer teaching our students this thinking process, too, so they can move beyond relying on recipes for the right answers ( … since the only right answers are found inside anyways).

However, when you are just getting started, recipes are awesome! We know that if we were to say, take up French cuisine, we’d want recipes or some other step-by-step instruction to begin with.

So, we’ve been getting some of our favorite recipes and remedies on paper, so that you can try out what we know works for us.




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Recipes from Our Blog

Aromatic Honey for Allergy Season

Aromatic Honey for Allergy Season

Springtime means new growth, flowers, and … pollen. For many of us, that means lots of sneezing, a runny nose, and red eyes. Find out about our favorite remedy for allergies. It is easy to make and it’s tasty!

Holiday Pepper Jelly with Essential Oils: Nostalgia Kicked Up!

Holiday Pepper Jelly with Essential Oils: Nostalgia Kicked Up!

Hot Pepper Jelly is another holiday favorite that was a local homemade gift for my mom at the holidays. She always had it on hand with cream cheese and Ritz crackers. This year, my daughter Nyssa gave me some locally-made balsamic pepper jelly. I thought this would be a great time to continue exploring aromatic creations like my recent aromatic medicinal honeys.