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Aromatherapy Education for Beginners and Beyond

“Inner Sanctum” is a term that usually refers to the most sacred room in a building, which only few can enter or even know about. When our advanced students visit Sylla’s home-office during classes, at some point, she takes them to where she has all of her oils, books, special materials, and creations. There, they get to see and experience where she does all of her work and what it looks like to be a practicing aromatherapist.

We know not everyone can make it to in-person classes and experience the marvel of Sylla’s home-office. That’s why we’ve created the Inner Sanctum Membershipwhere all levels of aromatherapists can receive nuggets of Sylla’s wisdom and further their education online.

Content Calendar

  • Every 1st Monday:  New Essential Oil Exploration
  • Every 2nd Monday: New Essential Oil Meditation
  • Every 3rd Monday:  New Recipes
  • Every 3rd Monday:  New Lesson Drop
  • Every 4th Monday:  New Nyssa Asks
  • Every 4th Monday:  New Sylla Speaks

All new content will be posted by 12pm EST. When there’s five Mondays in any given month, you’ll get a bonus! Details to be announced.

This Month's Featured Oil: Rose (May)

Next Month's Featured Oil: Neroli / Orange Blossom (June)

In the first week of each month, we’ll do a call for questions to prepare for Sylla Speaks and Lesson Drops. These forms will open on the 1st Monday of each month and will close on the following Friday. Look for our announcement email, or check back here during the first week of the month.

Explore the content categories below including bonus interviews, resources, and yarden walks. Posts have comments enabled, so let us know if you have any questions, insights, or thoughts to share.


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