Lesson Drops

We know that when you’re first learning about aromatherapy, it can be overwhelming. There’s just so much to learn!

From what essential oils actually are to the different kinds of aromatherapy, from different methods of extraction to hundreds of different kinds of oils (or thousands if you are a connoisseur), to chemistry, safety, and all the ways we can use them … It can definitely be a lot to take in.

It’s enough to make you want to lay down and sniff some Lavender (unless Lemon or Ylang is more your taste … Or would that be smell?)

So, to help you on this journey, we created these Lesson Drops to help you learn aromatherapyone drop at a time.

It’s kind of like blending. When we are dropping in the essential oil, we want to add it drop by drop, taking the time to sniff our blend before deciding to add another. I often say, “You can put more drops in, but you can’t take them out.”

Absorbing information can be similar. Have you ever read so much that you don’t remember any of it? It’s so tempting to devour everything you can on a subject that you’re passionate about.

Until you’re ready for something like one of our Certificate Programs, or if you’ve done a comprehensive study somewhere else, you can enjoy these mini-lessons and learn about aromatherapy from me and Sylla.

We urge you to start with just this first lesson, and take your time working through the exercise before moving on to the next.

Every 3rd Monday of the month, we will post a new lesson on all-things aromatherapy. Look for our email announcement, or just log in when it’s that time of the month!

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