Here’s our Live Q&A from October 28, 2020.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • The safety and therapeutics of monoterpenes vs. sesquiterpenes.
  • How to read a GC/MS report.
  • How to get yourself to get started with the course (if you’re someone still working on that!).
  • and more!

In this Live Q&A, we talked about keeping a List of Questions of anything that you have a question or wonder about as you learn more about essential oils and healing.

Write them all down somewhere, espeiclaly if you don’t ahve time to look them up at the moment. 

Then when you do have some time to do some reading, research, and experimentation, you’ll be able to remember the questions you’ve had!

Plus, you’ll be able to bring them to the Student Portal as well as the next Q&A. 

We so loved getting to connect with you all here.

Mark your calendars for the final Live Q&A of this Fall Immersion on Wednesday, October 28th at 2pm ET.

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