For 25 years, the Atlantic Institute has proudly offered one of the oldest and longest running aromatherapy courses. With 30+ years of clinical experience and continuous research, Sylla aims to create the best education for practicing aromatherapists who want to go deeper in their study of essential oils.

What we enjoy most about teaching is the hands-on experience. We love helping students along in their own journeys of healing. Coupled with this, we strive to prepare them to work effectively with their clients. 

Our training program combines our existing correspondence course with live classes and online support. The goal is to help students pass the ARC exam and become Registered Aromatherapists, for this is the only official designation in our field.

This summer, we will launch our inaugural class. Tuition will be offered at a one-time low price. Get in now, and be a part of the future of the Atlantic Institute.


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