Patchouli has a round, full-bodied smell. It is deeply resinous, herbaceous around the edges, with a deep core and a full heart.

Patchouli can bring forth a sense of protection and let us know that it’s okay to ask for help. This oils teaches us about the value of becoming vulnerable and how that leads to a reclamation of our power.

There is a sense of being drawn-in with this scent, inviting us on an inner journey, which offers necessary lessons for our next steps in growth. Often, growing means stretching beyond what we thought capable and exposing ourselves to what we might not be quite ready for. Patchouli helps us get grounded in our bodies and reconnect with our source of inner-knowing.

As you inhale Patchouli, consider a question that you need to answer. Feel your breath move through your body, and feel the support of the earth underneath you.

Connecting with your heart, ask yourself these questions, and listen intently for your true answers:

  • What empowers me to be my best self?
  • What gets in my way?

Let Patchouli help you relax into being who you are, stand up with confidence to resistance along the way, and know that you are forever shrouded in its loving arms.


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