{300 Hour} Aromatherapy Practitioner

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From: $95.00 / month for 10 months and a $799.00 sign-up fee

Become a confident aromatherapist who’s ready to start a business, add aromatherapy to another profession, or just share your skills to help keep those you love healthy.

Actually, you’ll also get support in using aromatherapy for your own holistic health care practices, too.

If you’ve been looking for the right mentors to guide you in an in-depth study of aromatherapy and holistic healing, then we’d like to welcome you to our aromatic family.

With two generations’ worth of wisdom, Sylla and Nyssa will guide you through the intuitive science of working with aromatics. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate and be able to become a Registered Aromatherapist.

This 300-hour certification course helps you to:

  • Embark on the study of over 60 essential oils (with resources for over 300 more!).
  • Understand a balanced view of safety when it comes to aromatherapy.
  • Prepare applications with essential oils and other natural products through inhalation, topical use, and internal use.
  • Find like-minded colleagues and thrive in a supportive environment.
  • Become a Registered Aromatherapist.

Though the course is undertaken as a home-study experience, online support with 10 hours of video lessons and a very active (and fun!) group of dedicated students and graduates is included.


Join us for a 4-month online course immersion starting August 10th. 

If you’re someone who loves to learn at home but needs a little push to get your work done, this is the perfect time for you to start learning with us.

By joining now, you’ll also get:

  • Weekly Reminders about study sessions and hands-on at home assignments to deepen your practice.
  • Monthly Live Q&A, where you can talk to Nyssa and Sylla about your wins, challenges, and questions on aromatherapy.
  • Advanced Practitioner Training Online Course ($500 Value!)
  • Bonus Webinars: Essential Practices for Aromatherapists, Effective Communication: How We All Can Learn from Each Other, and Marketing for Aromatherapists: Make a Living Sharing What You Love. ($300 Value!)
  • Lifetime Access to the Inner Sanctum Archives ($150 Value!)
  • Kit of Essential Oils and aromatherapy products from Upward Spiral ($100 Value!)
  • Digital Downloads of the Aromatic Spa Book and the Aromatic Mind Book ($80 Value!)


This course is non-refundable due to copyright (student must download and sign this Disclaimer before the course material can be sent that reflects this).

We offer replacement for goods damaged in-transit only.  If you’re unsure about anything, please contact us to be sure the course is a good fit for you.



Are you ready to become a Registered Aromatherapist? How about start a business in aromatherapy? Have you taken a course or self-study elsewhere but want to go deeper?

Our Aromatherapy Practitioner Course is perfect for the student who yearns to build a strong foundation in the study of aromatherapy.

This 300-hour home-study course includes:

  • Course Material: Over 500 fully-referenced pages covering:
    • The nature of aromatherapy and types practiced, with educational resources available.
    • Tools: Essential oils – the commodity; production processes, quality, purity, and adulteration. Available essential oils, buying guidelines, types available on today’s market.
    • Chemistry: Essential oil chemistry – terpene biosynthesis, oil components.
    • Therapeutics: The major essential oil properties in human physiology with references (8 pages of scientific references).
    • Physical effects: Effects of essential oils on human physiology – pharmacology, effects on body systems, specific uses for individual essential oils.
    • Mental effects: Effects of essential oils on the human brain – psycho-aromatherapy – function of odor, brain and olfaction, the limbic link to memories, moods, and emotions.
    • Treatment methods and applications: Internal & external in the form of: massage, skin care, hair, and nails; water in baths, compresses, salts, sprays, body wraps; and inhalation (micro-diffusion).
    • Blending and perfumery: Principles of perfumery along with blending basics and how-tos.
    • Safety: Irritation, sensitization, phototoxicity, contraindications, detailed safety data, and toxicity studies.
    • Appendix including several articles, common name index, taxonomic index, GRAS list of EOs, glossary, and untested oil index.
  • Practitioner Module: Directions and support for completing 10 case studies and 1 research paper.
  • 31 sample vials of essential oils and materials to complete the worksheets
  • Access to our Online Student Forum: Lifetime access to an online community of teachers, graduates, and current students—where we keep the learning going (and have some fun, too).
  • Video Study Sessions for each chapter. Learn with Sylla, Nyssa, and the whole crew in our video study sessions.
  • Fall Immersion Bonuses:
    • Weekly Reminders about study sessions and hands-on at home assignments to deepen your practice.
    • Monthly Live Q&A, where you can talk to Nyssa and Sylla about your wins, challenges, and questions on aromatherapy.
    • Advanced Practitioner Training Online Course ($500 Value!)
    • Bonus Webinars: Essential Practices for Aromatherapists, Effective Communication: How We All Can Learn from Each Other, and Marketing for Aromatherapists: Make a Living Sharing What You Love. ($300 Value!)
    • Full-year Access to the Inner Sanctum Archives ($150 Value!)
    • Kit of Essential Oils and aromatherapy products from Upward Spiral ($100 Value!)
    • Digital Downloads of the Aromatic Spa Book and the Aromatic Mind Book ($80 Value!)

Sign up by August 6th to join us for our Fall Immersion with weekly lessons starting August 10th.


Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy Practitioner Course Diploma

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7 reviews for {300 Hour} Aromatherapy Practitioner

  1. jmwilson823

    “I love this course! I also love that it is self paced so that I can go as fast, or as slow, as life will allow. The student group is awesome, and it is really nice to be able to pick everyone’s brain. I also love the fact that the course comes with an actual binder that I can put my hands on and add to, highlight, and note as I need to. Also, there is a massive amount of info included with it, and it is presented in a way that it directs you to so much more. The practitioner reference manual is a must, and a cannot live without for me. The only reason I got the package without it, is because I had already purchased it to have before I was ready to get the course.

    I had been self studying for over 2.5 years before I finally enrolled in a course, but I had decided a good while before doing so, that Sylla and the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy was the choice for me. I love Sylla’s energy and spunk, and how she cares for her students. I also appreciate her honesty as I need someone who is willing to tackle everything, not just a narrow or preferred, point of view. I cannot even begin to express how much I have learned from her, and from several of her students, up to this point. Sylla, Nyssa, and the student group have so much to share. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from people that have the passion, experience, and no-nonsense approach that they do. I can truly say that I feel at home at AIA and that Sylla, Nyssa, and many of the others, feel like so much more than just teachers and mentors.”

  2. cheek2cheek

    “I have wanted to take Sylla’s Correspondence course for a long time and I’m so happy to report that this course does not disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. The content in the manual is very informative and valuable! I’m still working my way through the many sections.

    This class goes over the comprehensive ins and outs of Aromatherapy from its very vast and interesting history to applications, chemistry and safety just to name a few sections….you will learn so much! I find myself going back to reference various sections along the way often. Coupled with the Practitioner Reference Manuals (an absolute must have), you’ll have everything you need for a great foundation in your Aromatherapy educational journey. I highly recommend you take the course and see for yourself.

    As a bonus, you get to be a part of a very active and engaging student forum filled with many smart and knowledgeable people who enhance and enrich our learning experience.”

  3. Ruth Nelson

    “I started this course after taking another online certification course. I love how in depth the sections are. I find there is so much more information in this course versus what I had already learned.

    That’s why I came here, to fill in the gaps. I also like how interactive the student forum is on Facebook. I found that to be lacking in the previous course instruction, you always received feedback from the instructors but rarely from other students. I found myself not asking questions often because I wanted a broader perspective that I feel I receive here.

    Sylla roots for you along the way and is always working to better things as we go. As with any of these courses, you get out what you put in.”

  4. Natalieelskamp

    “I found out about AIA after researching, studying and trying to pick the best course out there for me. I wanted some place where I could learn from the best, at my own pace and be able to make decisions about how to care for my family with essential oils. After reading a number of posts from Sylla, I decided to look in to AIA and finally made the decision to get my education here because Sylla seemed so down to earth yet so educated in the aromatic world. I couldn’t have made a better decision. What you don’t see in the description of this course is the love and care that comes from Sylla and the whole AIA family, (truly a family) where you can come and ask any question, participate in every discussion and learn just by sitting back and watching others interactions. Sylla, Nyssa and the entire AIA community cares about all the students and you get to be part of that which is priceless. I have learned so much from my mentors and fellow students that isn’t in any course out there.

    One of the things that I was really looking for was an at home, at my own pace course. I was sure that I wanted an online program to help push me along but this binder is SO much better. I can take my own time getting through things that I don’t understand, and I can make notes easily with out having to print hundreds of papers! I haven’t been able to finish the course yet, however, I refer to this binder on monthly basis outside of study time. It is worth its weight in gold! ANd even with me not having completed the program yet, I feel so confident in what I do know and I use it on nearly a daily basis. The things I don’t know, I continue to study at my own pace and I will complete the course when I feel confident in those areas too, not just because I have to be done and take a test.

    The only regret I have about this course is that I didn’t find it sooner. I honestly love AIA, and Sylla cares for us like no other teacher I have ever had.”

  5. Sarlene

    If you are reading this, you are obviously interested in taking your learning to the next level. I am not in charge of your finances, but I will tell you this. This is an opportunity to expand your knowledge and let you decide if this path is one you will follow for the rest of your life. Cheaper than six months worth of light bills, car payments or your cable bill, this is something you should strongly consider for YOU. This curriculum is set up as self paced, and everyone jumps in to help and guide each other in the family oriented online gathering place we call home. Sylla and Nyssa answer questions, push you to think for yourself, and encourage you to take the next. There are several levels of learners and backgrounds, Graduates, nurses, practitioners, business owners, and then people like me, someone that loves this side of healing and wants to learn as much as possible to help family and friends live a healthier, natural lifestyle. Along the way, I have discovered what you will too. You know more than you realize. This is complex, but when you are aligned and pointed in the right direction, it all makes perfect sense, and the results you generate will build your confidence to go on to the next step. It may look overwhelming as you see the size of the learning curricula, but Sylla put this program together one page at a time, and you will go through it one page at a time. I honestly think that you will do well, because you have the willingness to learn. This program is fact/science based. You will be shown and taught how to make decisions that will end in positive results. Numerous opportunities to expand your knowledge are available, from attending seminars, webinars and periodicals. This may be the first step for you in aromatherapy, but that’s about to change…….. Come join some of the most successful and experienced aromatherapy minds in our field and see what happens. You could be the next one to make a difference! Sylla and Nyssa always leave the light on for us. 🙂

  6. usingthescentsgodgaveus (verified owner)

    From before I even purchased the course Sylla and Nyssa answered so many questions I had, and treated me like family. You couldn’t ask for better instructors!
    Now about the course. If you are looking for watered down, easy peasy, grade school level stuff, look elsewhere! If you want top notch, in depth, well thought out, meat and potatoes instruction then you have come to the right place!! I learned more in the first two chapters than all the other knowledge about aromatherapy I have accumulated over the past several years!
    I can not recommend this course enough. And it’s not just the course, they help you keep learning, as the field is ever changing and growing. And they give you the tools and outlets you need.

  7. nettiebell7 (verified owner)

    Nyssa and Sylla have developed a very thorough, self-paced aromatherapy program that is easy to navigate. I so enjoy the feeling of being part of a family – very interactive. The students range from beginners to very advanced, so constantly learning from everyone involved.

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