Patchouli helps us to reframe the past so we can reclaim our future.

Patchouli is often used in blending as a base note or a fixative (something to help hold the aroma back and make a longer-lasting scent). It’s a deep resinous, ambery aroma that is a bit of a “love it or hate it” oil for most people. 

When blending for therapeutics, you might choose Patchouli for skin serums (especially for aging skin) as well as treatments for tissues that need tonifying, like hemorrhoids. 

But it excels in the mental realm as it can be calming and uplifting. 

I find that this oil is excellent at helping us to gain a new understanding of past experiences, particularly collective trauma. It can also help us find the peace that exists in any moment. 

Watch the video below and join me for a contemplative practice with Patchouli.

After you’ve watched this video, leave a comment below and share with me something that is ready to be healed for you and what Patchouli is teaching you about making peace with your pain?


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