When you’re feeling stuck in a dark place, Neroli helps you to recognize the beauty all around you.

The scent of Neroli embodies the sweetness of possibilities. Its strong floral note ends with an almost tart or bitter dry-down, communicating the dualistic nature of life. 

Derived from the flower of the bitter orange tree, Neroli holds the moment in time when this plant is its sweetest. Plants first produce flowers that eventually become fruit.

By picking these blossoms for distillation, we capture the energy of the flower. In some ways, one might say we’ve sustained the sweetness of the Citrus tree while keeping its bitter nature at bay.

Noted for its tendency to alleviate anxiety, depression, and stress, this scent is an excellent choice for promoting general emotional well-being.

Who wouldn’t feel great about the scent of orange groves in bloom? Who can worry while surrounded by this luscious bouquet?

We all have the capacity to be sweet or bitter in this world. Neroli provides us with an affinity for the acceptance of these tendencies, seeing them as beyond good and bad, and instead appreciating the beauty that exists in every moment.

Check out the lesson below and allow this powerful floral to quiet your mind and heal your heart.

Choose to see the beautiful things in your experience.

Leave me a comment and let me know how Neroli is helping you to see beauty in the simple things and in surprising ways.



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