Why We Don’t Offer Aromatherapy Certification

Why We Don’t Offer Aromatherapy Certification

Most aromatherapy programs provide the option of becoming a “Certified Aromatherapist.” But what does this title really mean? Aromatherapy is not officially regulated, as other trades like massage and nursing are. As a result, there’s a broad spectrum of aromatherapy programs and approaches to marketing out there.

We’ve decided against offering the “Certified Aromatherapist” title. Instead, we focus on what it really takes to create confident and empowered Aromatherapy Practitioners.

We offer certificates for all of our classes. These show completion of hours and topics listed. However, these do not signify certification or license to practice. In reality, the term “certification” has no meaning. It is simply a marketing term used by schools. It is similar to essential oil companies using the terms “certified pure therapeutic” or “pharma grade.”

The Registered Aromatherapist or RA designation is the only recognized title in aromatherapy. In order to receive this designation, one must take the ARC’s independent exam.

Our Approach

We’ve designed our Aromatherapy Practitioner Course to help you become an aromatherapy practitioner. This looks different for everyone. Some people engage in home use for the family; some incorporate aromatherapy into their practices (such as massage); others start businesses doing consultations or selling essential oils.

For us, the ultimate goal is to take the ARC exam and become a Registered Aromatherapist. This is the gold standard of aromatherapy designations. Our classes, courses, and training programs are geared to prepare you for this exam.

Do your research before embarking on a route of study. Find the program that’s right for you.

Let us know how the Atlantic Institute can help support your practice.

Our New Aromatherapy Practitioner Training Program

Our New Aromatherapy Practitioner Training Program

For 25 years, the Atlantic Institute has proudly offered one of the oldest and longest running aromatherapy courses. With 30+ years of clinical experience and continuous research, Sylla aims to create the best education for practicing aromatherapists who want to go deeper in their study of essential oils.

What we enjoy most about teaching is the hands-on experience. We love helping students along in their own journeys of healing. Coupled with this, we strive to prepare them to work effectively with their clients. 

Our training program combines our existing correspondence course with live classes and online support. The goal is to help students pass the ARC exam and become Registered Aromatherapists, for this is the only official designation in our field.

This summer, we will launch our inaugural class. Tuition will be offered at a one-time low price. Get in now, and be a part of the future of the Atlantic Institute.


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