New Review for Natural Aromatic Materials

New Review for Natural Aromatic Materials

Are you looking for the ultimate reference for natural perfumery? Do you work with aromatic materials, such as essential oils, CO2s, or absolutes? 

Would you like more detailed information on the natural aromatics you’re using in your own practice? How about a source you can rely on for accurate, original, and informative aromatic descriptions and content?

If so, the Atlantic Institute has just the book set for you.


Review by The Fragrance Alkemist

Ixchel Leigh, known as “The Fragrance Alkemist,” recently received her copy of Natural Aromatic Materials: Odours and Origins by Tony Burfield.   She was kind enough to share her thoughts on the recently updated and revised manual.

“Natural Aromatic Materials: Odours & Origins, Second Edition,” by Tony Burfield, is a treasure trove of information on odours, plant origins, classification of odours, understanding smell, olfaction, taste, profiling odours, chemical constituents, constructing perfumes … (and more)! This is just the beginning (first 140+ pages) of the two-volume encyclopedia.

Next you delve alphabetically into almost a thousand botanicals (and naturals) and their aromatic oils. GREAT for any perfumer at any stage of knowledge.

If you’re also focused on using naturals in your preparations for pleasure, spa, or healing, PLEASE BUY THIS SET OF MANUALS!

I am in Gratitude.”

Not just for perfumers, this set of manuals is a must have for anyone working with natural aromatics. Aromatherapists, aroma-enthusiasts, and even novices alike will appreciate the wealth of knowledge stored in this two-set, revised, and updated edition of Natural Aromatic Materials: Odours and Origins by Tony Burfield.

Get yours today!

Natural Aromatic Materials, Second Edition


Natural Aromatic Materials: Odors & Origins
Second Edition

By Tony Burfield


The result of more than 50 years of data compilation, this book is a comprehensive account of over 600 essential oils, absolutes, CO2s,  and other aromatic extracts from natural sources. Furthermore, it covers the natural aromatic materials presently and formerly in used in perfumery, aromatherapy, and in flavourings.

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