Visiting with Colleen Dodt

Visiting with Colleen Dodt

Every February in Florida, we have the Florida Herbal Conference hosted by the Florida School of Holistic Living. This year, Sylla was invited to speak for two classes on aromatherapy!

We decided this herb conference wouldn’t be the same without our good friend, herbalist, and essential oil advocate, Colleen Dodt. So we invited her to come along. She went with us to the conference and helped out in our classes.

We had many good laughs along the beautiful trails of the conference camp, making all sorts of new friends along the way.

Once we were back home, we had time to reflect on the conference, the state of the industry, our lives, our history, magic, and so much more!

Sitting on the back porch with Colleen, we relayed some of the questions our students asked.

We love hearing stories about the early days, of people who have passed, like Scott Cunningham. Or how Colleen uses floral waxes and more. So we decided to ask a few more questions on Colleen’s life with oils and herbs.

Read more about Colleen’s story on Vintage Aromatherapist.

Next, Colleen shares how she uses essential oils today, including details on how she makes her special Love Oil Blend.

Finally, Colleen tells us what oil she would be if she were an oil. Plus, hear some concluding thoughts on making the most out of your aromatherapy practice.

Grandmother Rosemary will await your return next year, Colleen! Thank you for coming to visit!