Summer Solstice Yarden Walk

Summer Solstice Yarden Walk

Are you out there enjoying the slowness of summer? Summer is a really slow time for us here in Florida because it’s just so hot outside!

Learning to live more in sync with the natural world means learning to honor the cycles that surround us. Nature is teaching this lesson all the time. In the Spring of 2018, we began filming Yarden Walks—where I follow Mom around her yarden as she talks about the plants she’s got growing there.

True to the season, we went fallow for the winter and haven’t filmed another one since. Okay, in all honesty, we did film one in the spring, but it was never edited, so we weren’t able to release it on time. Read more to find out how you can view that Yarden Walk!

Summer Solstice is about bringing everything out into the light, so we thought this would be a great way to reintroduce a series that many of you have been asking for.

Paying attention to the Wheel of the Year helps us notice the ways in which we’ve grown. We’ve been reflecting on all that we’ve learned since last year. You can read more about the Summer Solstice and what was happening for us last year at this time here, but you’ll have to watch the video below to hear about what’s happening now!

In this Yarden Walk, you’ll discover:

  • How Sylla’s Vetiver Experiment is going.
  • Two simple summer infusions you can do at home.
  • How you can begin learning plant identification.
  • What to do when your rock pile falls over.


QUIZ TIME: While editing this video, we realized Sylla said something that was not quite right. Did you hear what it was? We decided to use it as a quiz to test your knowledge. Scroll to the very bottom to find out what it was.

You can also read about our first Vetiver harvest here and learn more about Marc Williams here

Now we want to know: What are you doing with your summer garden/yarden? What’s getting you outside during these long, hot days? Leave us a comment below!

Remember, everything has a season and this one will pass before we know it. At least, that’s one of the ways we survive the long, hot days here. : ) 

If you’d like to see all of our Yarden Walks, join the Atlantic Aromatic Library. You’ll be able to see the Spring 2019 Yarden Walk. Plus you’ll receive hours of lessons on aromatherapy, plant medicine, and holistic healing.






Quiz Answer: Remember when Sylla was describing the Summer Solstice  … Well, she was actually describing the Spring and Fall Equinoxes. That’s when we have equal amounts of light and dark each day. At Summer Solstice, the day is the longest it will be all year, while the night is the shortest it will be.

Do you ever say one thing when you mean another?

I did it when I said, “It’s Spring Equinox!” to the students in the Fill Your Cup class that Sunday. Wonder where I get it from … ? 🤔

Visiting with Colleen Dodt

Visiting with Colleen Dodt

Every February in Florida, we have the Florida Herbal Conference hosted by the Florida School of Holistic Living. This year, Sylla was invited to speak for two classes on aromatherapy!

We decided this herb conference wouldn’t be the same without our good friend, herbalist, and essential oil advocate, Colleen Dodt. So we invited her to come along. She went with us to the conference and helped out in our classes.

We had many good laughs along the beautiful trails of the conference camp, making all sorts of new friends along the way.

Once we were back home, we had time to reflect on the conference, the state of the industry, our lives, our history, magic, and so much more!

Sitting on the back porch with Colleen, we relayed some of the questions our students asked.

We love hearing stories about the early days, of people who have passed, like Scott Cunningham. Or how Colleen uses floral waxes and more. So we decided to ask a few more questions on Colleen’s life with oils and herbs.

Read more about Colleen’s story on Vintage Aromatherapist.

Next, Colleen shares how she uses essential oils today, including details on how she makes her special Love Oil Blend.

Finally, Colleen tells us what oil she would be if she were an oil. Plus, hear some concluding thoughts on making the most out of your aromatherapy practice.

Grandmother Rosemary will await your return next year, Colleen! Thank you for coming to visit!