Interview with Marge Clark: A Call for Global Healing

Interview with Marge Clark: A Call for Global Healing

Have you ever hit rock bottom only to look up and wonder what’s next?

Sometimes it takes a shock for us to finally look around and wonder, “What do I want to do with my life?”

I love hearing stories of those who’ve found a way to not only overcome misfortune, but transcend it. Not just because they inspire me, but because I know we need more stories like this in our world today.

Marge Clark is a living example of someone who is redefining disability, and she owes it partly to the power of essential oils. When a memory problem caused her to lose her job, she turned to essential oils and began the journey she is still on to this day.

Through sheer determination, she began Nature’s Gift Aromatherapy right from her kitchen table—before the internet was flooded with how-to videos. In fact, this was when the internet barely WAS. Today, Nature’s Gift is one of the top aromatherapy companies, supplying some of the highest-quality essential oils out there.

Elder Aromatherapists

Between the decades she’s spent learning, importing, bottling, and retailing, she is a treasure trove of knowledge—and let me tell you, she knows her oils.

Marge has been a mentor for me and for so many others. For me, this is incredibly special because she honors my mom in her line of mentors. Being around the both of them feels like I’m about to receive secret, sacred knowledge from my elders.

(For the record, they are both totally cool with the term “elder,” though my mom prefers “vintage.”)

Marge visited us a few years ago, and we sat down with her to record the first interview that is now in our Atlantic Aromatic Library.

The Atlantic Aromatic Library

The Atlantic Aromatic Library is a place where beginners and beyond can be inspired by the wisdom of aromatherapists like Marge and Sylla, while getting support on the practical use of essential oils in their daily lives. We wanted to build an online community to further support our students and friends, and we also wanted to make available the wealth of knowledge that experienced aromatherapists have to share.

So here is a Sneak Preview of one of several Interviews with an inspiring aromatherapist that is available in the Atlantic Aromatic Library. 

Listen in as Nyssa interviews Marge on how she got started and how she has stayed true to her mission.

In this interview, you’ll learn:

  • What early aromatherapists did without Facebook Groups.
  • How to overcome challenges faced by essential oil retailers.
  • Which oils Marge would never want to live without.
  • Why the science behind aromatherapy is important.
  • How aromatherapy can help heal the soul.


Now that we shared with you, please share with us! What touched you most about this interview? How can we, as aromatherapists, create the global healing that Marge talks about? Furthermore, what will you do to help make healing happen for you?

Leave us a comment below and let’s keep this conversation going.

Thank You


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Thank you for letting me share Marge’s wisdom with you. I completely agree with her that our world needs soul healing and that the healing begins with us. She has deeply inspired me to be a better aromatherapist (and person). It’s amazing how this work creates a foundation that’s ripe for personal transformation. You know, I guess that kind of healing is what it’s all about.

Aromatically Yours,



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50 Shades of Rose (otto) or 7 Ways to Use Rose This Valentine’s Day

50 Shades of Rose (otto) or 7 Ways to Use Rose This Valentine’s Day

For a lot of people, roses are the epitome of love. As Valentine’s Day swoops closer, lovers rush to buy bundles of these beautiful flowers. But did you know that most roses are bred for beauty and don’t give off the aroma that they should?

It’s true! There are over 250 species of rose and over 10,000 different hybrid varieties. Of these, only three are commonly used for oil extraction. But lucky for us, we get several varieties in the form of  essential oils and rose absolute! Here are some ways you can use rose this Valentine’s day, besides buying the bouquet.

7 Ways to Use Rose on Valentine’s Day

1. Check out Rose essential oil, or otto. It’s heavenly and quite complex. Many of its components are also undefined, which means it’s impossible to replicate. Rose essential oil is light-yellow to green in color and can solidify at cooler temperatures due to its natural waxes. It’s a costly essential oil because it takes four tons of petals to make a kilo of oil (60 roses to make one drop)! But it’s also one of the most beloved essential oils in the aromatherapy world.

2. You can also look into Rose absolute. It’s an extract that holds more of the true Rose scent than the otto. Absolute also offers unique chemical constituents and is more reddish in color and thicker than the otto. It’s less expensive than Rose essential oil as well. For the full effect, try blending Rose otto and Rose absolute together!

3 Make a rose facial cream or serum. Use your favorite carrier oil, like organic coconut oil. Then choose additives that work for your skin type, like evening primrose oil, rosehip seed, and others. (Our Aromatherapy Practitioner Reference Manual or the Aromatic Spa Book are great guides for which oils to use and why.) Once your base is ready, add the rose oil, absolute, or both. A good safe dilution for the skin is usually 2%, and you can use a bit more for perfume use. Due to its potency, 1 or 2 drops of Rose otto to one ounce of carrier or cream/lotion makes a nice face blend. Use less if you have sensitive skin or want less of a scent.

4. Fall in love with a spritz of Rose hydrosol. Hydrosols are made of the hydrolate water from the distillation process. They are excellent for the skin and soothing to inflamed tissue. Hydrosols are useful for most skin types and make for a refreshing body spray. You can buy them fresh or make your own through home-distillation.

5. For a tasty valentine treat, add an ounce of pure Rose hydrolate or a drop of Rose absolute to your champagne bottle. We tried this with Rose otto. To our surprise, the Rose oil made tiny wax balls in the cold champagne. We’ll go more into detail about why this happened in our next blog, but for now, our suggestion is to add absolute or the hydrolate instead! It’s delicious and romantic—just like Valentine’s Day champagne should be.

6. Add a few drops of Rose oil to local, raw honey. It’s delicious! Combined with Damiana oil and its reputed properties (see link below), this honey could be multipurpose, in tea or on the skin!

7. Our friend Marge Clark at Natures Gift suggests a drop of Rose in chilled heavy cream before whipping it! Her site has more Rose talk and Rose oils. Thanks Marge. What a wonderful, romantic, and tasty idea!

Enjoy these suggestions, and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a fun read: Mooning Over Love: Fragrances, foods, and flavors to excite and celebrate your beloved.