What Sylla Grows in Her “Yarden”

What Sylla Grows in Her “Yarden”

My mom has many loves, especially when it comes to the plant world.

We recorded a video of her taking a walk through her yarden (yard-turned-garden) for our  Atlantic Aromatic Library Membership.

The funny thing is that after reviewing the footage, we realized that she calls more than one plant her “all-time favorite plant.” That’s mom for ya!

Check out this sneak-preview of our Yarden Walk video series, found only in the Atlantic Aromatic Library.

In this video, you’ll be introduced to:

  • All of the lush, aromatic plants in Sylla’s yarden.
  • Sylla’s replanting process for her Lavender and Rose Geranium.
  • Tricks to encourage your plants to sprawl.
  • Some of the plants that have been with Sylla for 20 years.


The Yarden Walk Series has become one of our favorite parts of the Atlantic Aromatic Library. Every six weeks or so, we check in with the yarden as the seasons change. We had a lot of fun with the Spring Equinox Yarden Walkone of the many things awaiting you in there!  


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Now, tell us about your garden/yarden! Leave us a comment about what you’ve got growing in your yard. Did Sylla share something that inspired you to get outside? We hope so!

Thank you for watching, and we can’t wait to have you visit the yarden again.

Aromatically Yours,