What Happens When You Study Aromatherapy

What Happens When You Study Aromatherapy

Even back in the day, I could see that she was pointing to something bigger.

It was 2005, and I was a few months into being a Licensed Massage Therapist. I had the chance to take my mom’s class as a professional. She was teaching her Basic Aromatherapy weekend workshop and I sat in as a student.

Her teaching style was lively, dynamic, and focused on what makes sense in the larger picture.

At the end of the weekend, each student made their own personal blend, or their “Individual Prescription.” Before blending oils and making these creations, we each talked about what was going on with us and what we wanted to shift mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Naturally, either because that’s the nature of these things or that’s the nature of my mom (or both), the conversations became personal, heart-opening, and deeply healing.

It wasn’t the oils. Of course, the oils helped, but I could see that it was so much more than that.

Aromatherapy allows us to look deep within ourselves and shows us the next steps in our growth.

This month in the Atlantic Aromatic Library, Mom brought this idea up in our Healing Guide. We were discussing the circulatory system, and we couldn’t help but include a lesson on healing the heart.

It’s hard for us at the Atlantic Institute to see our educational journeys as different and distinct from our personal journeys. They are increasingly one and the same—both informing the other in this beautiful dance of growth.

How has your educational journey affected you personally? Where do you see these two elements of your life intermingling?

Let us know in the comments. We love hearing about how aromatherapy is helping you.