This might just look like a blank scent strip, but don’t let this baby fool you … she holds seasons of wisdom.

My friend noted the other day that we don’t really have good examples of people grieving AND continuing on with life. We tend to compartmentalize it, pack it away for “the right day,” put it on a shelf where it gets dusty and we can go years before our emotions catch up to us.

I want to write a new narrative around grief, at least my own.

Part of why you haven’t heard from me in a while is that about the same time that we launched our Spring Semester, my father-in-law went into hospice after a battle with pancreatic cancer that was only diagnosed in early January.

It was a low blow as we’re still healing from the sudden loss of my own father last June. Pop passed on February 16.

I was determined to continue on with our students and am so grateful for the grace and support they’ve offered me.

Sometimes it feels like this job saves me.

I’ve been reminded once again of the incredible power that essential oils have on our minds, hearts, and souls.

Before we knew what was coming in 2021, I signed up for the Aromatic Shamanism Mentorship with Aromagnosis and have got to witness within myself, and my classmates, how much profound healing can take place by simply smelling an oil.

It will take too long to explain how/why/what happened with this little scent strip.

Suffice it to say, I’m convinced once again that though diffusers, body oils, and room sprays are just fine and dandy, if you aren’t working with essential oils through simple inhalation, YOU’RE MISSING OUT.

You owe it to yourself to slow down, listen in, and pay attention to everything that’s happening under the surface. This is where the healing happens. This is how essential oils do their magic.

Also, it’s the simplest, most cost effective, most eco-friendly way to use aromatics.

If there’s anything I can do for the world of aromatherapy, it’s to remind us all of this truth.

I know you’re wondering what oil it is that I’m having such an experience with … but I’m going to save that for another blog.

And honestly, it really doesn’t matter what oil it is. Just pick an oil, any oil. Stop, smell, listen, repeat.

Really, pick and oil and go inward. Tell me what you find.

What are you smelling these days? Where is it taking you? Leave me a comment to let me know.

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