The greatest thing about our aromatherapy classes at the Atlantic Institute is the value of the live experience. Learning together, students bond over the sensory experience of the oils. What’s more is after a few days, someone always cries! Fortunately, this is a good thing. It’s a release, a sharing, and a breakthrough. Most importantly, this allows them to experience deep healing and become better therapists.

It seems impossible to get this through an online course. This is why we focus on offering live classes.

Often people study the healing they need in their own lives. For instance, someone growing up with acne may become a dermatologist. Others enter the psychology field to help themselves with an issue. Likewise, the same is true with aromatherapy. There’s something about the oils that travels deep within us and evokes a profound response. Undoubtedly, the oils speak to us on an emotional level. It is wonderful to experience them in a group setting, especially where one is supported on their journey.

We love connecting with our students on a personal level. We hope to someday connect with you.


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