Cistus helps us find the resources within to seek change. It transforms a sense of emptiness into one of spaciousness. 

When you’re feeling stuck, without direction, or just needing guidance in making decisions, turn to Cistus as a powerful ally in accessing the wisdom within you.

The scent of Cistus is a deeply penetrating, resinous, amber one. It has the tendency to bring one back in time, encountering past memories.

Therapeutically, the aromatic gum resin from this plant has long been used as a wound healing agent. On our psyche, it helps to heal old wounds and traumas by helping us to find the gift within our struggles.

Check out the lesson below and let Cistus guide you to your inner resources.

Trust what you find and continue to journey within.


When you’re done ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the gift in my current crisis or struggle?
  • What can I learn from those who’ve come before me?

Let me know what you find by leaving a comment below!




This is the final lesson in the Daily Practice Series happening this week.

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So grateful to be on this aromatic journey with you!

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