I was in the shower (don’t all great ideas come in the shower?) using my Geranium Salt Scrub and just wondering why I’m so attracted to work with Geranium right now. I remembered that it is excellent in helping us to stay in balance.

So I wanted to have an affirmation for it and this is what came to me: 

🌊As I ride the waves of life, my body, mind, and heart find balance. ⚖️

But the thing about balance is that it’s not a static state. 

It’s a movement between varying degrees of extremes, that is ever present, and can itself vary between appearing effortless and being um … less than graceful. 

We often think that balance is something to be captured, that once we have it, we’re done. Like it’s a scale we can obtain and stay there. But it’s the opposite, think of life as one long balancing act, we’re always having to adjust course based on current reality. 

And guess what? That’s always changing. Thank goodness we’ve got tools like essential oils always at the ready to help us find what adjustments we need to stay on course.

Anyways, I offer up to you this affirmation to be used with Rose Geranium, another essential oil of your choice, or a blend of the two. Or better yet, try all 3!

My favorite ways to use Geranium right now are in my Salt Scrub, my face oil, and I’ve even been keeping it by my desk to help me in stressful moments.

There’s a ton of ways to use Geranium, what’s your favorite? Leave me a comment below.


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