Grab something you like to smell and join us for this Grand Opening tour of the Atlantic Aromatic Library.

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Sylla pulls out a vintage blend that I haven’t even smelled before. We also talk about this more simple blend she used back in the day too
  • Sissy, Mom’s cat, has missed in-person classes too, so she had to make a cameo. The thing is, she has a hard time settling down for meditation.
  • We tour the Library so you can see all that we’ve got there and how it’s organized. (Thankfully, I find a few more buttons that need pressing!)
  • We get to congratulate our most recent graduate from the Aromatherapy Practitioner Course, who ends up calling what we’ve got in the Library “Aromaflix” – we love it!
  • Sylla and I share off the cuff “readings” for those who shared what oil they used in the few moments Sissy allowed us to tune-in. In there we discover that Jasmine is a “beauty pie” or at least helps to make you feel like one, Saro is about softly, slowing, opening, and Lavandin is perfect for calming down, yet also feeling invigorated (exactly what I need right now).

If it sounds like a bunch of silliness, it is … or as I like to call it, SylliNyss. 😉

It’s also the fun and exciting things that can come together when we learn together.

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